Three Kings’ charcoal have been produced in the Netherlands since 1936. Using only the best ingredients combined with the 80-year old production techniques, our tabs light quickly, are odorless and have a smooth, long and even burn.

Charcoal is used to smoke shisha and to burn our incense, which is made of the best natural resins from Europe, Africa and the Far East and is used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies. Our charcoal is available in different sizes, suitable for every occasion.

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How do you use charcoal?

Three Kings offers quick-light charcoal. The tabs ignite easily and quickly by holding a simple, small-flamed lighter or match to it.

To burn incense, use a pair of tongs to place a charcoal disc in the incense burner. Hold a flame to the charcoal until sparks have trans versed the tab. When the charcoal is fully heated, a gray, ashy soot will cover the red-hot, glowing tab. This indicates the charcoal is ready for use. Spread the incense on top of the charcoal using small spoon and enjoy the exotic fragrance released by the incense.

If you want to light shisha or hookah coals, light a quick-light charcoal with a lighter or match. Quick-light charcoal fully light within 20 to 30 seconds. Once the red sparks have died, let the charcoal burn until it’s fully covered in white-grey ash. Blow on the charcoal until it glows red, which indicates it’s ready for use. Move the red-hot glowing charcoal with a small pair of tongs. Warm the bowl. Attach the bowl to the top of the shaft. Place the hot charcoal on top of the foil. For the best result, allow the shisha to warm up for a few minutes.

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