Natural Resins

Because of Three Kings’ enormous business growth, the incense mixtures and natural resins received a new brand identity. Nowadays, The unique materials and blends are on the market under a new brand name, René Schönefeld.

René Schönefeld’ natural resins originate from Africa and the Far East. The natural resins are used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies, but also for meditation and relaxation.
While most people are familiar with incense sticks, resin is really the original incense. Resin is obtained from refined tree and plant sap which has been used worldwide for thousands of years, even in Ancient Egypt. The burning of natural resin was central to the worship of the gods. Every day large quantities of incense were hereby burned in temples throughout Egypt. Compared to incense sticks, resin offers a stronger scent and does not contain any unwanted additives. The aromas produced by myrrh, frankincense, benzoin and copal resins are deep and rich.

As natural resin doesn’t burn on its own, you’ll need charcoal tabs to burn resin incense. These charcoal tabs are available from Three Kings. Simply light the charcoal, spread the resin on the charcoal using a small spoon and enjoy the rich resin fragrances.

Do you wish to know more about René Schönefeld’ natural resin? Advance further to their official website.

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Grading in Somaliland photo | picuture by Anjanette DeCarlo