Incense mixtures

Due to Three Kings’ tremendous business growth, the unique incense mixtures and natural resins will be marketed under a new brand name and website. Presently, the incense blends and natural resins are on the market under a new name, René Schönefeld.

René Schönefeld’ unique incense blends are made of the best natural resins sourced worldwide from Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The main ingredient of incense is Olibanum, also known as frankincense. Olibanum is taken from the Boswellia tree (the Boswellia Papyrifera), which grows in the Eastern region of Africa. The milky juice that is taken from the tree dries up into light-yellowish granules. The granules are washed in natural perfume oil and can be coloured with (EU-approved) pigments.

René Schönefeld’ incense is used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies around the world, including meditation purposes. Charcoal tabs are needed to burn the incense. The tablets are available on Three Kings official website.

Do you wish to know more about René Schönefeld’ unique incense mixtures? Advance further to their official website.

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High quality frankincense tears Keren Eritrea | picture by F Bongers